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About SFDC

About Sydney Family Day Care Scheme

At Sydney Family Day Care Scheme, we strive to provide excellent home-based education and care environments to nurture every child's growth and learning.

By working in partnership with educators and providing them with support and training, Sydney Family Day Care Scheme works to ensure that each child's needs and interests are valued and reflected in quality programming.


We and our educators honor parents' and families' role as children's first and primary educator. We always welcome inputs from families to help us create family day cares where children can feel safe and encouraged to explore their potentials.


Children in Family Day Care have the advantages of learning and developing socially, educationally and emotionally within the security of a small group. They will participate in activities that have been planned to suit each child's individual needs, such as story-telling, singing, playing games, outdoor play and executions.

Our Philosophy

At SFDCS, our philosophy is developed through an understanding and appreciation of the needs of educators, parents, children, and local communities – their values, beliefs, life experiences and knowledge are paramount. Parents are an integral part of our scheme’s philosophy, as they are viewed as the most important role model in our children’s lives, and act as a link between:

  • Home and day care

  • Day care and the child’s respective primary school

  • Day care and the wider community

We endeavour to:

  • Ensure that all aspects of our operations relate to our guiding Philosophy

  • Consult with parents and educators in the process of formulating or modifying our philosophy and various policies.

  • Ensure that the Scheme’s Philosophy manifests itself in practical, affordable, and enjoyable childcare programs for children that prioritise children’s health, safety and development

  • Provide an inclusive environment for children that allows them to connect with their roots, while learning to embrace cultures that are different to their own

  • Stay abreast with changes and updates to the NSW early childhood education and care industry

  • Continually improve our service and practices

Our scheme strongly believes in the merits of family day care - optimal home-based education and care environments, through which children grow and become confident and socially competent members of our community.

SFDC Scheme believes that each and every child should be granted a safe, healthy, caring, stimulating, educational and family-oriented environment which reflects the warm, nurturing and friendly atmosphere of home. By working closely with educators and providing them with quality support and training, we provide an environment where every child in care can achieve their full potential. 

We stress the importance of having this environment meet the developmental needs and interests of each child. Thus, we welcome input from families as we form collaborative partnerships with parents and honour their role as their child’s first educators and role models.


Australia is a melting pot of cultures. At Sydney Family Day Care Scheme, a number of our children come from immigrant families. We believe that when given the right support and environment, bilingualism and biculturalism become great assets. We urge educators to assist children from diverse backgrounds in adjusting to Australian society and culture, while at the same time, continuing to help children foster a bond with their own language, culture and roots. As every child in Australia will interact with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds in the foreseeable future, learning to respect, embrace, and engage with other cultures is also key.

We stand by the knowledge and belief that children need to be safe, feel safe and have consistent interactions with reliable adult figures, through which secure attachments are made, and trust is built. At the same time, we see the importance of forming bonds and friendships with peers. At our family day care services, every opportunity is taken to nurture, encourage and enhance their learning in small groups, in the natural environment of a home. 


In achieving this we embrace and promote the National Quality Framework including the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the My Time, Our Place framework (MTOP), as well as the research and theories that underpin the outcomes they seek for children.

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